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Annular Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer June 21st @ 2:41 AM EST 2020.

This year the summer begins with an Annular Solar Eclipse in the hypersensitive, heartfelt sign of Cancer. On June 20th at 5:44pm the Sun ingresses into the cardinal sign of Cancer and will remain within that degree until 6:52pm on June 21st.

Alchemical points within the Wheel of the Year.

The first degree of the cardinal sings, called the Aries point, is the critical point of the Zodiac, as it marks the opening of Solstices and Equinoxes portals that define the energies for each respective season.

On June 21st, we are to experience Annular Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Cancer, once the Moon moves to Cancer at 2:41 am EST, a few hours after the Summer Solstice.

Cancer heralds the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere. With longer days and more sunlight we become more sensitive and receptive; so is the Cancerian nature. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer represents the feminine energy of our first emotional feelings connected to the mother and home. In Cancer’s sigil we can recognize the yin &yang’s dance of life symbolism as well as the joining of egg and sperm that create life. It’s our first imprint of what we feel during childhood – connecting us with family, our lineage, and the place we grew up.

The world stage

This is the 3rd eclipse of 2020, which is a particular year, we all know this by now (!), when we experience six eclipses as opposed to an average of four… 2020 began with a powerful Lunar Eclipse and the Full Moon in Cancer on January 10th, followed by the Saturn / Pluto conjunction on January 12th – I wrote about in length, in my Cosmic Portals series. The first half of this year has been filled with immense energies opening portals to cosmic downloads, and the paradigm shift. We have been experiencing potent energies of transformation: Jupiter / Pluto met for the first time on April 4th, and will conjunct again on June 30th, and November 12th. These planetary configurations are very much alike to what had been happening in 1955, the year during which we experienced such transformative events as the rise of the civil rights movement across the USA, initiated by Rosa Parks’s bus boycott. In November 1955 the Vietnam war began and lasted until April 1975. The Hungarian revolt against the Soviet empire takeover started but unfortunately was suppressed by the Soviet army, and the Hungarian people had to wait another 35 years for liberation… In 1955 Jupiter and Pluto met three times, just what we are going to experience in 2020.

June 21 Solar Eclipse within the 19 years metonic cycle

This eclipse, is a part of a larger metonic cycle which repeats every 19 years, causing the eclipses to occur on the same degree. In 2001 there was also an eclipse on June 21st. We all remember what happened that year, the 9/11 took place when the Mars moved onto the degree of the June’s eclipse… We cannot predict exactly what will happen this year, however, astrology shows us patterns and energies contributing to the world events. Look for an emerging theme between 2001 and 2020 – the metonic cycle represent slow release of karma. Think of what happened in your life 19 years ago, and having that in mind learn from the past in order to actualize your hopes, and aspirations. During this dramatic period don’t give in to the pressures of the world; you are here to make your own journey.

A Solar Eclipse can only occur on the New Moon (Sun Moon conjunction), when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth. If the Moon’s shadow falls upon Earth’s surface at that time, part or all of the Sun’s disc is covered or ‘eclipsed’ by the Moon. On July 21st we experience the Annular Solar Eclipse: the Sun is shadowed by the Moon, making us highly sensitive and vulnerable. The Sun represents our ego and self esteem, the Moon, our emotional realm, and with the North Node in Gemini the emphasis is on connecting our minds and hearts to create a higher vibrational field from within.

The Moon is the ruler of this Solar Eclipse so look for guidance within the Moon sign of your own chart. Your lunar sign and house will give you the clues for what makes you feel safe. You may gain new insights about your family situation, the type of home you want to create, which will be in accordance with what truly makes your heart sing so you can live in the most authentic way.

Jana Astanov, New Moon in Cancer, Summer Solstice ritual, Rosekill 2017

Retrograde phases and their consequences

Mercury started its retrograde motion on June 17th in the sign of Cancer at 14 degrees, and will continue the backward motion until July 12th at 5 degrees of Cancer. Mercury retrogrades are generally marked by a need for extra patience and diligence. However, Mercury retrograde in Cancer, also doubles the theme of heart-mind connection, allowing us to dive deeper into our psyches through the process of retrospection, supporting psychoanalytic quality of our dreamworlds. Mercury in Cancer is a well known placement indicating strong writing skills as the ebbs and flows of emotions provide us with rich imagination and the need to understand our hearts’ longings. Furthermore, we are currently deep in the retrograde period with many planets moving backwards.

Retrograding planets in 2020:

  • Pluto April 25th to October 4th
  • Saturn May 10th to September 29th
  • Venus May 13th to June 25th
  • Jupiter May 14th to September 12th
  • Pallas Athena May 17th to September 5th
  • Mercury June 17th to July 12th
  • Mars September 10th until November 13th

Retrograde phases are a good time to slow down, and to take a little extra time and care with communication. Yet it’s also possible to approach them as a journey of discovery and reclamation.

Venus is nearly at the end of her retrograde motion that started in May going backwards though the sign of Gemini (from 21º to 5º Gemini). She stations direct on June 25th, then goes forward on at 5 degrees and 20 minutes of Gemini. Venus, the Goddess of Beauty as ruler of Taurus, and the Goddess of Love as ruler of Libra, teaches that our quality of life is a reflection of our emotional state of being, which attracts experiences and relationships into our life. The Goddess descent pulls us deep into a personal process of emotional alchemy. It’s an opportunity to deepen the understanding of the inner workings of our hearts. This periodic exercise in heart intelligence works individually and in relationships, developing throughout our lifetimes helping us to learn what we need from our relationships in order to grow.

Jana Astanov, New Moon in Cancer, Summer Solstice ritual, Rosekill 2017

The retrograde period will strengthen with Mars retrograding from September until November. This is an opportunity for incubation, integrating the wisdom from the experiences we had in 2020 so we can dream and manifest a stronger, more equitable society. Culminating with the Jupiter / Saturn conjunction on December 21st 2020, when the new world paradigm will emerge governing our reality for the next 200 years under the air signs. Taking place on Winter Solstice it will complete the alchemical process of transformation we undergo collectively in 2020. Together and united we will emerge from our civilizational chrysalis into the new world paradigm.

Invocation, Summer Solstice, Rosekill, 2017.

The major aspect during this eclipse is the square between the Sun and Moon in Cancer and Mars in Pisces. This can make us extremely assertive but it also causes the tension between the will and emotions. We may experience the conflict between inner self and the subconscious forces, so be aware of your shadow side and subconscious patterns governing your behavior. With the Moon / Mars square our emotions may get out of hand and cause difficulties especially under the spell of retrogrades. It’s a “me first aspect” so be aware of the selfish tendencies that may disturb harmony in relationships.

Another aspect of the Solar Eclipse is a harmonious beneficial sextile between the generational slow moving planets: Neptune in her own sign of Pisces, transcendental, dissolving and compassionate, and Pluto in Capricorn – hungry for power and control, but also radically transformative. What can be expected? There is tremendous potential for a profound transformation of our belief systems on both personal and collective levels. As a consequence, there is a wave of energy which can transform societies underlying cultural and economic shortcomings regarding race, gender, and sexuality. Let us hope that the recent and continual sacrifices of black women and men’s lives, in the past not documented, but now captured by citizen journalists with smart phones, is writing a new chapter of the civil rights movement sweeping through the United States.

Dates of the eclipses in 2020:

  • Friday, January 10: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Cancer
  • Friday, June 5: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
  • Sunday, June 21: Annular Solar Eclipse in Cancer
  • Sunday, July 5: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn
  • Monday, November 30: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini
  • Monday, December 14: Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius
Vigi Wang, Rosekill, 2017

Nodes, “the demons that caused the eclipse”

In western astrology, the Nodes are considered to be points of evolution. The South Node is where we are comfortable because it is where our past life has been and thus we stay at that comfort level. The North Node by contrast, is the place we are compelled to move towards in order to evolve and be the best incarnation of ourselves we can be. Ultimately we must balance the two points, that is, the signs and houses. With Nodes transiting through the Gemini – North Node /Sagittarius – South Node axis we are revising our ideals (South Node in Sag), seeking the Truth in the light of all the new information available to us. It’s a fast paced transformation of our belief system that will result in a new consciousness and world outlook once this process is completed by the end of 2021.

All eclipses involve growth that shows us something about ourselves we may not be aware of such as how we nurture ourselves, and how we respond to our own needs.  It also calls into question the extent to which we live the lives that are in accordance with our ideals.

The Nodes are called shadow planets since they are always lurking in the background, and when an eclipse occurs, suddenly things that were hidden come out into the open. In keeping with that symbolism, during eclipse season secrets frequently come to light, and things get revealed, forcing us to deal with and transform them, or be destroyed—literally sink or swim. In addition to the Nodes connecting with Sun and Moon to form an eclipse, planets conjoining eclipses amplify the intensity of the eclipse as well as the house that the Eclipse falls in.

The fire that keeps on burning, Rosekill, 2017.

Anything that occurs globally that has great power and influence is certain to affect us. If the degrees of the eclipses concur with a point or planet in your chart, then it will cause occurrences as if you were experiencing an outer planet transit. But even if you do not have anything on personal points or planets, the eclipses will always fall in a house in our chart. It is important to see the area of your chart where the nodes and eclipses fall such that if they hit a planet or personal point in your chart (especially when it is combined with a retrograde) it will activate that point, bringing things to light that the planet or point represents, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively. Be prepared for something to be activated.

After June 21 Solar Eclipse in Cancer, we are to experience another powerful eclipse on July 5 Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn; followed by two more eclipses on November 30th, and Total Solar Eclipse on December 14. Since we are in the middle of the eclipse season, we are to expect an eventful and intense weeks to come. It is important to consciously develop spiritual practice to protect one’s energy and sanity. Do some type of soothing ritual during an eclipse. Take time for prayer, meditation, and just centering and being silent. The intensity will be great.

Yannanda performing Solstice ritual, Rosekill 2017.

Yannanda, The One Who Speaks With The Stars
Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces

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