The world is unified and holistic.

Astro-Feminism acknowledges the female principle as the creative force within the cosmos, and in the microcosm of human culture.

The Cosmic Universe and human history coexist to form a unique unity manifested in multiple forms, protected by the Great Mother Goddess, symbol of fertility and abundance, and the Queen of Heaven, who birthed the entire universe.

The astro-feminist perspective recognizes the feminine as the link between sexuality and spirit, between biological energy and the cosmic soul.

Our civilization argues against the sacred value of nature and instead harnesses the environment and consumes its resources. Not only does it deny nature its sacred place but does the same with the feminine presence.

Human civilizations suppressed the feminine power, casting women off the world stage throughout the entirety of the political and religious systems.

AstroFeminism restores the balance, brings the feminine, bows to the natural world. Its philosophy emphasizes living in harmony with the environment as the continuation of the heritage of EcoFeminism.

AstroFeminism celebrates diverse spiritual practices and honors a pantheon of powerful feminine intersectional, transcultural deities that work with the male gods in their own chthonic realm and ritual space.

Ultimately, everything is derived from The One, and the genders merge again in a spiral dance of yin and yang.

The single and indivisible Wholeness is manifested in multiple forms and each form encapsulates the Wholeness.

AstroFeminism acknowledges the spiritual connection between us and the cosmic soul.

Shifts in the magnetic field of the solar system are the macrocosm within which the brain waves of the collective human body are being altered in preparation for the ascension.

Celestial ascension requires a quantum leap from the common modernist thinking of the humankind at present.

The transmutation of astral energies is possible in an act of meditative pranic trance, through which cosmic gnosis reaches all levels of being: conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind – turning the knowing into becoming.

The Moon, with its lunar cycle, and its orbit moving fast through the constellations, is our guide connecting us and activating cosmic transmission.

Astro-Feminism celebrates our place in the Cosmos, and the Cosmos within us. We are the stardust.

Astro Chart of the Astro Feminism Manifesto publication:

Vedic Chart

Astro Feminism Manifesto, January 10, 13:13, New York.

Western Chart

Astro Feminism Manifesto, January 10, 13:13, New York.

Variations of spelling: 

Astrofeminism | Astro-Feminism |  Astro Feminism | astro feminism | ASTROfeminism | AstroFeminism | astral feminism | AstroFeminism

Spiral galaxy NGC 1365: Majestic Island Universe
Image Credit & Copyrights: Mike Selby, Leonardo Orazi, source NASA.

The term has been first introduced in the context of planetary alignments, cosmic energies, astronomy and astrology in 2018 at CREATRIXmag in the ASTRALOOP section authored by Agni Jnana Yannanda. The manifesto is based on the concepts developed for a installation CREATRIX CULT, Jana Astanov’s solo show presented in 2018 at Local Project Art Space.

Portrait of NGC 1055 Image Credit & Copyright: Martin Pugh, source NASA.
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