Art Terrorist Devi Oracle

Jana Astanov in collaboration with Heroine Bosch’s (sister of Hieronymus Bosch) Tarot Set-Me-Free foreseeing the future of your inner Kali — seeing more than seems possible, and seeing it all at once. Guided by the archetypes of Kaliesque rebels emerging as a set of cards she takes the audience on a journey through the mutable worlds of Eros, Thanatos and Art Terrorista!

Bosch’s Tarot Deck serves as a base for Art Terrorist Devi Oracle Set, the front of each card is covered by an image representing different attributes of Devi Kali. From the set of 78 cards 22 images come from Jana’s performance and photography series (projects such as Antidivine, SheUniverse, Naked Poetry Dive, Jesus Was a Woman, Flower Moon, Mias, Arctic Siren, Indriganam, She as He, IPPR, Je suis Supernova, Medusa, Infinite Yantras, Red Temple, Digital Dakini, Holy Green Witch etc). The remaining 56 cards appropriate projects by other mainly female artists whose work represent Women Rights, Change, Time, Power, Creation, Preservation, Destruction and Revolution such as: Hannah Wilke, Anna Akhmatova, Ana Mendieta, Sylvia Plath, Kathy Acker, Nan Goldin, Maya Angelou, Carolee Schneemann, Miriam Schapiro, Judy Chicago, Yoko Ono,Guerrilla Girls, Carolyn Kizer, Karen Finley, Patti Smith, Pussy Riot, Anne Waldman, Alice Walker, Susan Howe, Kembra Pfahler.

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