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In astrology, New Moons symbolize a new lunar cycle, and an opportunity to start new projects and to find the new layers of energy within to inspire you towards becoming a more authentic self. Actualizing your dreams, hopes and aspirations align with the powerful energies of SheUniverse bringing potentialities through the creative soul work. The New Moon is your action call! You envisioned and now you shall manifest.

The New Moon takes place on May 22nd, Moon and Sun are aligned at 2 degrees and 4 minutes of Gemini, with Mercury, the ruler of this New Moon conjunct Venus at 20 degrees of Gemini, adding to the twin energy… Expect things to accelerate. Gemini is about change and accomplishing things in a new way: test your ideas as you go along; try things in the spirit of fun and spontaneity, and if you are not satisfied, consider trying them again. Most importantly, focus on the here and now: be present, let the mental chatter flow out through your head, and choose what serves you, discarding the rest. If you feel restless, turn that feeling around, practice mindfulness, and become the observer of your own stream of consciousness. Engage, at once, both parts of your brain, the left one, analytical like Mercury in Gemini, and the right one, that allows you to see the bigger picture.

It’s an exciting new moon, with the element of air dominating the Zodiac, and a lot of mutability: six celestial objects in Gemini, as well as the North Node, and Mars, Ceres, and Neptune in Pisces. We also have a lot of harmonious supportive trines – with the Grand Air Trine, and a powerful square to balance these energies between the New Moon and Mars leaving us suspended between the state of absolute conviction and ultimate vagueness… See which one comes up for you as Mars in Pisces can be unsure, dreamy, and unwilling to face reality. However, the square to the Moon and Sun in Gemini may manifest itself in greater verbal assertiveness.

Jana Astanov, digital collage Garden of Covid, 2020

The major aspect of this New Moon is the powerful and promising trine between the Sun and Moon in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius heralding sustained effort for long term results. Both air signs are associated with expansion of knowledge, through the exchange of information. Aquarius is a higher octave of air energy, also associated with the internet and the concept of equal access to data. With Saturn in Aquarius, we may feel the urge to build and expand our community through the online networks.

We are ready to ascend onto another level of understanding, we are ready to shift our timelines, and live our lives as if in a quantum dance. Shifting timelines involves changing the frequency we are on. It’s as if we lived between different worlds: one represented by the energies of Capricorn that we have been working through during the last couple of years (Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn), and the other by Aquarius: futuristic and humanitarian. One uplifting, and abundant, and the other filled with scarcity, fear and life denying forces. Changing the frequency attunes us to the parallel world version of us existing in that frequency. We suddenly enter a different physical reality, something we may have dreamt of, or something bigger and unexpected. The current planetary alignments support our collective dreaming (Mars, Neptune in Pisces) and manifesting the world of equality, and opportunities for all.

When it comes to our individual and collective values, we need to assess what is happening with the trajectory of Venus. The conjunction with Mercury in Gemini emphasizes the need for excitement and novelty. However, Venus retrograde period that started on May 13th and will last until June 25th will turn our attention more inwards. So find excitement in all those art, literary, or crafting projects you have been meaning to do or finish for quite some time – this is the cosmic opportunity to bring them to completion with finesses and artistry. Another expression of this period is that Venus – Goddess of Love, Beauty, Relationships and Art – will make us reevaluate the state of affairs in all areas concerned. Do not be surprised if during this time you will start a relationship that will be short-lived, as it is a manifestation of past-lives connection, and some unfinished business… With the square between Venus, the planet of human love, and Neptune, the universal, we may be unsure of what we truly desire. Fortunately, Venus and Mercury conjunction opens us up to trusting our feelings, and simply following what our heart finds truthful.

Jana Astanov, digital collage Garden of Covid, 2020

Within Hindu philosophy the concept of “chitta”, means “heart-mind”, and is considered to be the center of our individual consciousness. And indeed, when we measure the electromagnetic field generated by our bodies, we find that the area of the heart is a much more powerful transmitter than our head. It is the heart that holds the key to understanding of the higher Self. We can access this wisdom through self-inquiry, and self-knowledge, which the retrograde period is particularly conducive to.

As always, when the planets retrograde we ought to reassess, revise, revisit, and reimagine. 2020 is a peculiar year, with many celestial objects turning retrograde, which means it is also time that prepares us for a big change. So use your time wisely, and listen to your heart mind.

Retrograding planets:

Juno Feb 8th to May 26th
Pluto April 25th to October 4th
Saturn May 10th to September 29th
Venus May 13th to June 25th
Jupiter May 14th to September 12th
Pallas Athena May 17th to September 5th
Mercury June 18th to July 12th
Mars September 10th until November 13th

Jana Astanov from the series “Land Spirits: Garden of Covid” 2020
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The One Who Speaks With The Stars
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