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Breonna Taylor (June 5, 1993, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan – March 13, 2020.

Breonna Taylor
June 5, 1993, Grand Rapids, Michigan, time of birth unknown.

This year on June 5 2020 Breonna would turn 27, her birthday coinciding with the Partial Lunar Eclipse. Since I don’t know her exact time of birth, we cannot know her Ascendent, I simply used 12pm as the time of her birth for now.

Breonna’s Sun (ego, self expression)  conjunct South Node (past lives, inner talents) gives a  karmic feeling to her life. Sun / South Node conjunction means that she was born around the time of an eclipse, in fact on June 4th 1993 there was a total Lunar Eclipse.

According to ancient Vedic texts dating 1200 BC, eclipses are seen as omens of a major event, heralding the births and deaths of rulers, wars, or any period of intensity or physical phenomenon like earthquakes or floods.

Breonna’s life ended tragically and prematurely on March 13th 2020. She was murdered by the police in her own bed, just after midnight. The transiting Moon conjunct her natal Pluto at 23 degrees and 33 minutes of Scorpio squaring her natal Mars conjunct Chiron in Leo. Natal Pluto created a trine with the transiting Sun at 24 degrees of Pisces. Her natal Mercury (the messenger) in a tight one degree conjunction with the North Node in Cancer, our collective destiny. What message would Breonna Taylor want the world to hear and remember? The word that comes to mind is #justice: her natal #Jupiter, planet of #truth #freedom & #law positioned in the sign of #Libra which further indicates the importance of legal justice.

Breonna was born during the famous #Neptune / #Uranus conjunction of 1993 representing the Hidden Revolution with Neptune, the one which dissolves and Uranus, the one which awakens, and also supported by the sextile of Pluto in Scorpio representing powerful transformative forces . This conjunction indicates a whole generation of people born to bring spiritual transformation to our world. I am always excited when I see someone born during this time, as these souls come to our planet with profound spiritual knowledge, which in case of Breonna is further highlighted by her Sun / South Node conjunction in Gemini. Holding to the past as opposed to fulfilling one’s life path is the most likely expression of these energies. Her death caused by the police that investigated her ex boyfriend’s involvement in a drug scheme, shows how the past casted a shadow on her destiny. Breonna was an essential worker, an emergency unit technician who had nothing to do with the police investigation. As it happened, the police entered her apartment at night, without a warning so Breonna’s current boyfriend had every right to think they were being attacked, as he had a gun, the police fired wounding him and killing her.

It didn’t help that Neptune/ Uranus conjunction in Capricorn aligned with a 2020 stellium (which I wrote about in every single post) of warrior archetypes in Capricorn including: transiting Mars at 18 degrees, Pallas Athena at 20 degrees, Jupiter at 21 degrees, and Pluto at 24 degrees. During the month of March, this explosive cluster squared Breonna’s Ceres, Goddess of Life, Nurturing, and Comfort at 19 degrees of Aries.

Now let’s look at the Mars / Chiron conjunction in Leo which is squared by Pluto in Scorpio, and at the time of her death was activated by the transiting Moon. Chiron, a Wounded Healer archetype represents our process of individuation, becoming who we are supposed to be, and through this journey discovering our healing potential. Chiron conjunct Mars catalyzes unusually difficult experiences that accelerate our process of transformation if we have the strength to understand and overcome them. The harsh aspect of Pluto makes it even more difficult, bringing to mind Nietzsche’s words: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” We all go through what is called Chiron return at the age of 50 when we truly learn how to shed the skin, leave behind the consensual consciousness of the society, culture, peer group we are part of, and set ourselves free. Breonna’s Chiron entangled with powerful and violent warrior archetypes: Mars and Pluto, was a very difficult lesson for her to take upon as a soul. She faced unsurmountable racial hatred, police profiling mixed with no respect for the law and order by those supposed to be the very guardians of our societal peace.

Breonna couldn’t overcome the collective wounding of the American society on her own. Racism and disrespect for human life which became the internalized reality of the country we live in, ended her life prematurely. She won’t experience her Chiron return at the age of 50 which would have been in 2043, if she did, perhaps she would have learnt the lesson, and set herself free from the feeling of being unable to fully express herself (Chiron in Leo). There is a whole generation of people born in 1993 with similar planetary configuration of Chiron squaring Pluto, and Pluto in sextile to the Neptune / Uranus conjunction. These people are about to collectively undergo their first Saturn return during 2021-2022 which represents the rite of passage and the entry into the adulthood. Breonna’s Saturn at the very beginning (at 0’18) of Pisces also squares her Pluto and the transiting Moon of March 13th 2020, as well as the transiting asteroids Hygiea, Goddess of Healing (who I call The Medicine Woman) in early Gemini, and Vesta, The Goddess of Focus in Taurus. This young woman would wish to see the healing to happen within the American society, she would want the justice to be done in her name, and for the whole African American community.

Currently Chiron, The Wounded Healer, is transiting through Aries teaching us about leadership, healing the wounds around self worth, assertiveness, and the need to lead even if you know deep inside you are not always the greatest hero you would like to be. At the moment of Breonna Taylor’s death Chiron was at 4 degrees and 41 minutes of Aries, it would trine her natal Chiron in Leo in June 2023, just after her Saturn return while also creating a sextile between transiting Chiron in Aires and Saturn in Pisces which could provide a much needed support, and bring resolutions to some of the issues she faced. But it is not going to happen. She is dead, shot by the police officers who still need to face the justice.

American systemic racism targeting black community is despicable. Breonna Taylor would have been 27 this week… The police illegally entered her apartment and shot her while she was asleep. How could possibly anyone make sense of this? I hope Breonna Taylor’s death is becoming a symbol of crumbling of the empire built on inequality and racism. She is a messenger for justice, a spiritual warrior that can heal our collective past and psyche.
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