Land Spirits: Waterfall Jharana

Oh, pray, Sister, oh sing Sister, dream it and manifest it!

Creating with planetary alignments in mind following the path of a spiritual warrior ready for the upcoming Summer Solstice & Solar Eclipse in zero degree of Cancer. Grounding and centering  through sacred dance, water soothing the impact of the eclipse season. Opening up to the cosmic gnosis reaching to the stars from within my heart-mind.

As part of my series Land Spirits, I embody the essence of the Minnewaska waterfall, its strength and majestic beauty. Flowing and becoming with the transiting Moon conjunct my natal Moon in Pisces (Shatabisha Aquarius Nakshatra – Moon Mansion – in Vedic dating 1200 BC). This weekend June 12-13th Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces and squares the Sun in Gemini, so it’s time to apply oneself to spiritual practice that requires active engagement: dance, QiGong, walking meditation, mudras, martial arts, swimming in sacred waters, pranayama, any freestyle activity that raises your vibration, and activates! Becoming the spirit of the waterfall, I flow in FreeGong style, and mudras meditative trance. Water crushing from the mountain heights ionizes the atmosphere through the transfer of electrons helping to smooth the difficulties of the eclipse season.

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