Light of Her New Consciousness

“Light of Her New Consciousness” is a continuation of the installation and performance “Inside Her Head” presented as part of NYC Poetry Festival in July 2016 on Governors Island.

“Light of Her New Consciousness” consists of a sound installation, site specific sculpture and a series of performative actions. Inside the Red Temple visitors randomly chose five lines to create Star Poetry: 5-armed-star-shaped poem meant to foresee the future in the tradition of dada and cutup divination technique. The verses were the cut-ups from female poets such as Sappho, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Marianne Moore, Anna Akhmatova, Maria Pawlikowska Jasnorzewska, Elizabeth Bishop, Maya Angelou, Sylvia Plath, Adrienne Rich, May Swenson, Emily Dickinson, Wislawa Szymborka, Alice Walker, Carolyn Kizer, Elizabeth Bishop, Marge Piercy, Susan Howe, Anne Waldman, Sharon Olds, Anne Sexton, Louise Gluck, Erin Belieu, Claire Pollard and more…

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