May 4th New Moon in Taurus – CREATRIX BOSS

In astrology, New Moons symbolise a new lunar cycle, and an opportunity to start new projects and to find the new layers of energy within to inspire you towards becoming a more authentic self. Actualising your dreams, hopes and aspirations align with the powerful energies of SheUniverse bringing potentialities through the creative soul work. All you need to do is to hold your heart soft and open, listen to your dream world, tune in to the subtle signs and to the voice of your higher self, once you understand your motivations, weave the actions into the cosmic cycle. The New Moon is your action call! You envisioned and now you shall manifest.

While we experience the awakening of the nature the soul work of raising our vibration is so much easier with the New Moon in Taurus! The world is in bloom, body and soul are ready to flourish too. Taurus is practical and grounded, it is the fixed sign which makes it stable and consistent and as the first earth sign, it represents the raw energy of the planet, its ability to give and sustain life. In the astrological wheel Taurus is positioned in the second house, in the eastern (related to self) and lower (representing inner) hemispheres, therefore, it has a very personal feel. The earthiness brings focus on tangible things, especially through the sense of touch. Being grounded within the physical is reflected in Taurus’ attachment to the material world, things of value as well as personal values. Knowing this use the natural flow of this earth sign and focus on projects that could benefit from the tangible energy of the Bull. Get close to the earth, keep your feet in the grass, and gaze over the lime green leaves. Beauty and pleasure are Taurus’ domain: tune in to nature, let the Spring blossoms calm your inner self, let them fill your heart so it smiles aware of the planetary abundance.

Taurus has two rulers, Venus, the planet of beauty and relationships, and Ceres, goddess of fertility and mothering, the counterpart of the Greek goddess Demeter. On May 4th we find both planets in the fiery signs, Ceres in Sagittarius at 12° and Venus in Aries at 17° create a mighty action oriented trine enhanced by a conjunction of Venus with Vesta asteroid at 14° of Aries – the archetype of focused energy and divine feminine sexual power. Ceres and Vesta also trine the MC (our social standing, career, status) in Leo at 7° creating a grand trine, and bringing the feminine archetypes into the public spotlight, letting the energy flow with ease, focus, and characteristic for the fire signs inspiration.

Are your personal values (Ceres and Jupiter in the 2nd house) expressed through the work you do (Vesta, Venus, Mercury and Uranus in the 6th house)? What can you do if they are not? What actions can you initiate using the power of the lunar cycle to shift your reality and manifest what you desire?

How the structures we established in the past (south North Node with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn) can support and enhance our relationships ( trine with the New Moon in Taurus in 7th house)? How can we transform the way we relate to others so it serves us all? And here a subtle reminder to always have the highest values in mind – win-win relationships. With the rising in Scorpio, this New Moon brings depth to our social dealings, but instead of projecting the impenetrable (and easily and deeply hurt) Plutonian image, soften in your expressions, be open, be vulnerable, focus on what’s beneficial for your community as the guiding principle. Whatever the question, love is the answer.

I invite you to join us on May 4th @LocalProjectArtSpace for more cosmic insight:

Yannanda, April 29th, noon, Moon in 9 degree of Pisces, Leo Rising

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