States of Anxiety

Asking for a new type of disbelief
More that could get worst
Asking for worse and for sacrifice
Asking for transgression
Ritual regurgitating sacred visions
Body made present
with its functions converging
as a sum of human experience

Superman cornflakes
and crucified Jesus
bloody panties
and ripped cover of The Times magazine
mdma passed around
and rose petals cast in a circle
Kali giving birth
and a suitcase filled with bricks
sharply edged mirrors taped to the body
and a set of synthesizers

From brutal to nonsense
from holiness to laughter
from asceticism to sensory overload
in spirit of experimentation
and voluntary exclusion
as the unifying aesthetic

Art of the moment
Art of acting out
Art of pretending
Art of disassembling the self
and extracting it from the commercial

Actions performed
within the shrinking ghettos
pushed to the side
events buried on 10th search page
accessible only to a handful of which
all are part of the performance

Art out of despair

Art for the future
as those who will survive
might form the pantheon
of celebrated victors gods

Those who will persevere
and endure
those who won’t stop
won’t go mad
won’t overdose
won’t give up
won’t settle down
into the cosiness of an enslaved mind
and the mundane
those who will merge
the visceral visions with the clarity
of a crispy morning
those who will free themselves
zigzag in between
go under over lightly solemn playful
those who will figure it out
dissolve and reassemble
live fall fight

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