The Art of Saving The Arctic

The Art of Saving The Arctic was performed during Art Basel in 2014 at the 3Space Gallery. Using the female body as a metaphor for the ecological catastrophe though the movement, ice cubes melted against the body, swimming through the floor of shallow icy water in what seemed at first as “sexual trance” – as Richard Marshall from 3AM Magazine described – “but the images take a darker meaning. Quickly the body seems less at play and through the performance we start to see more a struggle, a female animal struggling in an environment that is threatened, a body threatened and in danger…body that writhes in pain. The sequence of pictures becomes a shriek of agony, a body naked and vulnerable, where the heartless monstrousness of the world – its politics, money, men, sick desires – they are now surrounding the body – the gaze is hostile, lascivious and cruel, a rape eye that tracks the movement and laughs with greed and brute force. Now the images resonate with a cold despair, like a last few moments before disaster, before hell unleashes itself”.

Art of embodiment, art of becoming the Arctic Siren through the facial expressions, the physical pain of swimming in the icy waters. Expressing the body incarnations of feelings and anxieties that are far too vast for words like fear, suffering, and compassion. Contrasting with the exhibition on display: the art of selling a bag – a reflection of commercial art, the word “Showroom” on the concrete floor, feminine form subjected to the frightening and painful in a ritualistic trance calling attention to what really matters.


Corporeal note from a poet James Oscar:  “To be incarnate vis vis the body but also for the body itself to incarnate something. Almost like the body could replace a flame and be as incarnate as a flame. Yes in Amazonian thought the body is what we Westerners see as the soul. And thus our bodies/ this body in itself something incarnate. To apply ice to it, to apply a flame to it is almost like pressing a body against a body, that is that the flame or ice against the body are in themselves * already bodies against bodies. The flame just as the water running down a stream or frozen is a body.  “Our” bodies have this flame and this water/ ice in them so they are all in some ways equal bodies. So in this sense, we know what we are doing when we overheat or freeze the planet through our own means because I is also our body that is being overheated or frozen.”

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