The Journey Of The Priestess

This wave of exalted promises
muses, words, art
kept me alive in the heat of the summer
but didn’t extend into the winter months,
a cold coming from a dying planet
and all the loves that burnt behind
new scars mapped on the body
both hers and mine

There were times I regretted leaving
that city’s electric glow , the view from Manhattan bridge
and early summer mornings wandering the streets
in search of the light

Was this the right time to leave?
I had to bow to the power of magic and
heard whispers in the different skies warning…
be careful what you are wishing for…
but I asked for more

My words spells
swarm their sensations, restless eternal,
a she-universe self-conscious
and cyclical…
raw, programmed, endless

I made my last wish for the music of the spheres.
It came to me augmented without warning, a man
his body leaned back against the sky reaching towards the star
an island floating on nothing anchored to the thrills of life
we began and ended
with the voices singing in my ears…
you dreamt of a city that that turned into a man

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