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Churning of the ocean of milk

The churning of the ocean of milk, is the story of how the Nodes and eclipses were formed. It is an important event in Hindu philosophy, and the most common form of the story is from the Mahābhārata – perfectly describing the symbolism of the Nodes and Eclipses.

Mohini and Vasuki, or the story of a woman and the snake

Hindu Gods, Devas, wanted to generate soma, an elixir of immortality also known as amrit. They asked Vasuki, the serpent king of Nagas, for help. He became the churning rope wrapped around the mountain. Devas pulled back and forth on the snake’s body, causing the mountain to rotate, which in turn churned the ocean.

Ratnas – fourteen treasures and gems.

Ocean Birth of the Goddess of Wealth and Good Fortune

All kinds of herbs were cast into the ocean and subsequently, fourteen treasures known as Ratnas were produced in the process, amongst them the Sun, Moon, Lakshmi – the Goddess of Wealth, Beauty and Good Fortune, as well as her older sister Goddess Jyestha of Misfortune, other supernatural animals and treasures, as well as the elixir of immortality –  soma.

Vishnu as his female avatar Mohini took charge of distributing the freshly made soma to the Gods. However, one of the demons Rahu disguised himself as a god and sat with the Devas to drink some of the elixir.

Mohini, female avatar of Vishnu serving Amrit to Devas.

Immortal Head of the Demon

The Sun God and Moon God recognized him and warned Mohini. As Rahu was swallowing the soma, Vishnu sliced off his head with a sword. However, because the soma had passed into the throat the head had already become immortal. To avenge the Sun and Moon, Rahu chased the Sun and Moon across the sky occasionally catching and swallowing one of them which in turn would cause an eclipse. Once the victims fell out of Rahu’s mouth, the eclipse would end.

The Snake Dance by Debra Paget- The Indian Tomb (by Fritz Lang & Thea von Harbou)

Eclipse season is upon us

We are currently in the eclipse season which started with the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) and culminates with the Solar Eclipse / New Moon on December 14th 2020 at 11:17am EST.

An Eclipse (“the act of seizing or holding”), or occultation, is formed when the Sun/Surya or Moon/Chandra is obstructed from view by a certain set of circumstances involving the Earth, Sun, and Moon. For in depth explanation please read my article from 2017 based on a lecture I attended by a well known Vedic astrologer Ronnie Dreyer who has been my Jyotish teacher.

“The demons who caused the eclipse.”

Jyestha Nakshatra / Scorpio

This Solar Eclipse is taking place in the Jyestha Nakshatra, Sanskrit: the oldest, which translates as the “chief” star. The Goddess Jyestha, Goddess of Misfortune, was one of the fourteen Ratnas (gems) that emerged from the Churning of the Ocean in the story of Samudra manthan related in this text. She is also the oldest, “eldest” of the Nakshatras, as well as the older sister of Lakshmi. Jyestha also means the “eldest” queen of the Moon God, Soma whose affections turned to his youngest wives. Jyestha being directly opposed by the Nakshatra Rohini, Moon’s favourite wife.

Sun, Moon, Mercury and Ketu are presently all in Jyestha Nakshatra. The ruling planet of Jyestha, Mercury brigs mental brilliance and a strike of creative genius! As this nakshatra is known to produce immense talent of the most refined type, enough to mention Einstein, Mozart and Beethoven who all had their natal Moons in Jyestha.

The deity is Indra, King of the Gods, and the divine dragon slayer, known for his courage, and power. The primary motivation of Jyestha is artha, material prosperity.

Solar Eclipse is taking place in the Jyeshtha Nakshatra

Western Astrology / New Moon in Sagittarius

According to Western Astrology this Solar Eclipse is taking place during the New Moon in Sagittarius. Moon, Sun and Mercury form a conjunction as part of a GRAND FIRE TRINE (fire = gnosis) with the asteroid Hygiea in Leo (The Medicine Woman as Yannanda calls her) and Mars / Eris conjunction in Aries. Jupiter, the ruler of this eclipse is in a close embrace with Saturn in Capricorn heading towards their generational meeting on December 21st.

Solar Eclipse Moon, Sun and Mercury as part of the GRAND FIRE TRINE with the asteroid Hygiea in Leo, and Mars / Eris conjunction in Aries.

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