Join TRAUMA CHOIR performance art piece by Jana Astanov in homage to #METOO one year anniversary.

Channel the voices of the ancient witches, all the women silenced throughout the ages, from denial of education, and suffrage and property to forced motherhood to appropriation of invention and innovation. Channel your own anger and frustration over the Kavanaugh club judiciary farse, don’t let the anger linger in your psyche, shout it out, release it!

Back in October 2017 I set up Google alerts for what seems one of the biggest injustices done to the women within our culture on a large scale – sexual harassment. The list of articles that were accumulated since last year is enormous, giving us a terrifying insight into a crime against women, a crime against humanity. This long long list gives us an ugly picture of our society, a selfie of toxic masculinity and chauvinism that spreads with the likes of Trump, Weinstein, Kavanaugh and many others. Has something changed though? Trump is still our president, Weinstein spent the fortune he amassed assaulting young actresses to cover his legal fees and so far has been found not guilty on all the cases, Kavanaugh became the Justice on the Supreme Court…. So where is the justice? It seems that we cannot expect that we will get the justice through the political and judicial systems, rooted within the patriarchal structures of our society, as it is. Can anything be done? First let’s deal with all this trauma accumulated in our bodies and brains – join the Trauma Choir!


The old white boys club will eventually die out, #HERSTORY will keep on growing and gaining the prominence. Proportional representation will be finally installed throughout the whole sectors of the society, and we can collectively scream out our hearts, releasing the trauma from our collective body – join #TRAUMACHOIR and shake up the foundations of injustice that feeds our culture and society in AN EVER ACCELERATING HIGHER pitch, louder than the hell of patriarchy. From trauma, frustration, pain, anger TO FREEDOM, TO BLISSFUL PARTICIPATION.
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