Triple Moon Goddess

Growing up in Poland I was strongly influenced by catholic iconography (you can see this in my performance Polish Madonna from 2019), and religious devotion. However, being born in a part of Poland that is well known for its incredible nature, I somehow have always felt a kinship with the pagan tribes that inhabited my ancestors land, and the many remaining natural altars that can be found there such as kurgans (“kurhans” in Polish) or large stones often positioned on hills in elevated places around there. I also have developed a deep fascination with Hindu beliefs through its revelation of the female deities and vivid spiritual practice that makes those thousand year old archetypes come alive. Inspired by the extensive mythologies of Hinduism, I took on the challenge of developing the Baltic and Slavic mythologies of my own native land. Although the historical record is incomplete with regard to those pagan tribes, though my performance practice and photography I have  attempted to imagine it through my two series, Jadeive, Self Proclaimed Goddess and Triple Moon Goddess.

In modern mythologies we invariably identify the female deity with the Earth, and the male with the Sky. However, in ancient times the feminine principle ruled over both. In different cultures she has been revered as The Great Mother Goddess, symbol of fertility and abundance, and the Queen of Heaven, who birthed the entire universe.  What survived to the present times is the feminine nature of the Moon, with its 28-day lunar cycle, which in ancient times was the basis of the Lunar Calendar and is still used in some cultures. The cult of the Triple Moon Goddess divides the female life into 3 main stages of personal development and social standing: maiden, mother and crone. Utilizing the ancient gnosis, I created a movement and light based performance-ritual in reverence of the Moon cycles weaving the astral story for the modern day goddess mythology. First performed at the Venice Biennale in 2019 at ARTI 3160 gallery with Astanov, Katie Cerceon and Claire Zakiewicz. The Polish version of this the Triple Moon Goddess performed on the Red Feminist Hill (which has an appearance of a hurgan) in Elk, my native town in north east of Poland, includes 3 native Elk maidens glorifying the land, the ancestors and our connection with the universal principle. 

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