What’s impossible is unethical. Poetry Duel as Penelope

The Fairy Tale of sleepy contradictions 

Once upon a time twice for the third time
She really hoped She
wouldn’t have to speak to Him anymore
and wouldn’t feel anything for Him
She also hoped She
would fall asleep really fast and in Her sleep She
would feel someone touching her
and it would turn to be him

She realised She wanted two opposite things
She considered if they were both possible
then decided they were

She also thought that perhaps
he had never existed She
made him up then
having some doubts
and suspicions
she probed

it turned out there was a man
resembling Him
so she called Him and told Him
all the mean hurtful things She
ever thought and wanted to say
to all the men who
were mean and hurtful to Her

                                             like in a bad dream

He seemed surprised
then sad then
stopped talking to her and She
was glad

because She really hoped She
wouldn’t have to speak to him anymore
but she couldn’t stop feeling so She
tried again to fall asleep
without being woken up

She woke up and He
was there standing
right next to Her bed
looking at Her

                     as if it was all real


The Philosophical Tale after a night with Schopenhauer

She decided to be honest with herself even if

“What’s impossible is unethical”

She kept coming back to their last conversation: “You cannot do impossible what you do is the best you can do so whatever else you may have done instead of what you did would have been immoral. Against the rules. All you do is right.

You can only do what’s right because what you don’t do is wrong.”

What’s the point of philosophy – She thought to
herself turning the pages from Camus

Is Sisyphus supposed to be happy or simply not to kill himself?

every man would turn to be wrong
the same way as not many of them could be of anything
She didn’t dare
And wasn’t ready for another goodbye
she could settle for reality this time
without running away

If only she didn’t hear those voices
living their life of disdain
those voices of others
their fears weaknesses hurts
she would not despair
in the shadow of their vile whispers

she could never be his
never wanted She to belong
even when she thought she did
fooling herself into love
so she could fail
enslaved by him
first with charm and sweetness then demands
requesting her to be obedient inside the abyss
having nothing to offer beyond his own comfort
that she was expected to worship as hers
with grace
happy and appreciative it didn’t hurt even more

sentenced feminine
on the verge of

he asked her to keep on writing the story of Penelope
how could he even consider her to be the one
THAT one

HIS or another
not that she didn’t try
she did
too many times

was he one of those men expecting forever love
forever wife regardless of what she would want?

she did not want to be a fucking wife on a fucking sun-seeker yacht
she wanted to live a gypsy life for a while
for the infinite while
without the rules
without being chained to someone’s delusion


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