Winter Solstice – The ultimate truth of the Human is Hers

“The ultimate truth of the Human is Hers” is a sound installation and performance by Jana Astanov and art collective Red Temple.  The sound art installation itself “Inside her head” is featuring the head of Medusa metamorphosed into a tribal totem and fitted with a set of headphones and mp3 player so each person wearing it is instantly taken into the world of Medusa listening to what is going on “Inside her head” as the title suggests.

The performance itself is based on a ritual imitating ceremonies performed by Siberian Shamanesses but also merging cultural references from different tribal traditions. The Shamaness is seen as the go-between medium, revealing the will of the divine and connecting the tribe with its vital force.

Tribe, the art collective Red Temple is creating spiritual atmosphere using the sound of shamanic drum and the sound track with a mix of female authors that can be played both during the performance as well as by each person wearing the headpiece. Some poems belong to the members of Red Temple collective, others come from female poets who answered the open call, as well as a mix of soundtracks of selected poetry from such female poetesses as Sappho, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Marianne Moore, Anna Akhmatova, Maria Pawlikowska Jasnorzewska, Elizabeth Bishop, Maya Angelou, Sylvia Plath, Adrienne Rich and May Swenson – extracts of their poems were recorded by the Red Temple collective and added to the mix of what is happening “Inside her head”.

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